Mindful Eating in a Modern World

What are Nutrition Counseling Sessions Like?

I provide nutrition education and recommendations specific to your unique health status and goals.


During the initial consultation, I will get to know your medical history, food preferences and habits, lifestyle and needs. Then, we will come up with a few goals to work on together. At follow up visits, we check in on those goals and take next steps.


I take the time to listen to your concerns, and make suggestions that are manageable for you. My goal is that you will become confident with your eating, enjoy your food and appreciate your body.

Meet Ronika

Hi! I'm a UT trained dietitian, foodie, busy working wife & mom, passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals.

Sustainable progress takes time, but we'll keep moving forward. My clients gain life skills that stick, not quick fixes that leave them back at square one.

My approach is science based and compassionate. I believe in a HAES (Health at Every Size) approach and teach intuitive eating, including gentle nutrition.


Visit the services tab for a full list of specialties and classes. Here are a few examples...
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For Everyone

Nutrition guidance tailored to your needs.

For nutrition education, body image work, meal planning help & more

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Feeding Kids

Create healthy habits in your kitchen your kids will carry with them for life.

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Nutrition for Medical Conditions

Let's get you the clear answers and support you need specific to your medical condition.

Nutrition tips, recipes & more.
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