Feeding Kids & Picky Eating

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Let’s face it, feeding a picky eater can be extremely frustrating. Knowing the dos and donts of supporting your picky eater (or yourself!) will take the pressure off. 


Whether you’re feeding a child or yourself, grace and patience are extremely important. Picky eaters need to feel safe with food and need many exposures to new foods (without pressure). 


Program includes:

  • Nutrition guidance tailored to your unique needs

  • Guidance on creating a safe eating environment to try new foods

  • Discussion of textures and presentation

  • If you’re feeding a child, we will work on feeding dynamics that will help instead of harm.

  • Supplement recommendations to prevent nutrient deficiencies


Individual sessions: $150 per hour


3 sessions for $399 (save $51)

6 sessions for $750 (1 free!)

In Network with BCBS & Cigna