Pregnancy Intuitive Eating Program

My goal is to take some of the stress and anxiety of how to best take care of your body and baby off of your shoulders.


That’s why I decided to work specifically with mommas and specialize in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition. As a momma who has been through pregnancy and experienced complications with that pregnancy, I have been where you are! I remember the questions, worries and feelings of uncertainty. There are so many messages out there about how to eat, how our bodies should look and endless well-meaning advice at every corner.


What if you had a professional whom you trusted to guide you on your pregnancy, post-pregnancy and parenting journey? Wouldn’t that be such a relief? 

first trimester.jpg

First Trimester

One of the best gifts you can give your unborn baby is an environment to grow and thrive in with excellent nutrition. Learn what you need during pregnancy, how to get it all while honoring your cravings.  (Navigate emotional eating).

→ Includes my anti-nausea tips

→ Includes my most helpful things resource list


Second Trimester

Yay! You’re in your second trimester. This is the most comfortable time of pregnancy for most mommas. It’s also the time when you really begin to grow and require more calories. Your baby is developing fast! Let me guide you through getting the much needed nutrients during this stage. 

→ Includes most needed foods cheat sheet

Thrird tri.jpg

Third Trimester

You’re in the final stretch! Sleep and digestion may be getting a bit more challenging at this point. Let me make it as easy as possible for you. I will answer you burning questions and share my heartburn stopper tips! 

→ Includes breastfeeding prep


Individual sessions: $130 per 50 minutes

Full pregnancy + postpartum/breastfeeding (4 sessions): $490

Second, third and fourth trimesters (3 sessions): $360

Third and fourth trimesters (2 sessions): $245

Postpartum/breastfeeding (1 session): $130

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